Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights

On behalf of Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights and the Liberian Truth & Reconciliation Commission, thank you for your interest in volunteering with the TRC.  Your participation in this process makes you a leader in Liberia’s national healing.  The TRC will take statements from individuals so as to establish an accurate historical record of human rights abuses and humanitarian violations.  The TRC also will investigate the root causes of the conflict.  These activities are designed to strike a balance between accountability and forgiveness in order to heal the land and unite the people of Liberia.

Volunteers are the backbone of the TRC effort in the United States, acting as statement-takers, writing articles, planning events, and speaking out to educate the public about the TRC.  None of our volunteers are paid for their work, nor do they receive any reimbursement for expenses.  By becoming a volunteer you are making a critically important contribution to the future of Liberia – thank you!

If you do not find the information needed in the information to the right, please call 612-341-3302, ext 113 or e-mail [email protected].

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If you would like to become a volunteer, please fill out the interest form by clicking here and return it to Minnesota Advocates.

Current Volunteers
If you are already a volunteer for the statement taking process, click here for specific information for you.