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Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights has begun taking statements! Anyone in the United States can give a statement to the TRC.


In-person interviews are being taken in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Atlanta and will be extended to other parts of the U.S. depending on the financial, material, and human resource capacity available. If you live in one of these cities, fill out the form to the right or call the phone number given and we will arrange for volunteers to call you, set up an appointment with you at a convenient time and place, and take your statement.

Phone interviews are being taken across U.S. for people not living in the statement taking cities.  Fill out the form to the right or call the phone number given and we will arrange for volunteers to call you and take your statement over the phone.

You can also submit your statement in writing.  If you would prefer to write your statement without telling it to a volunteer, please fill out the forms available by clicking on the link to the right and return them to Minnesota Advocates.

You can tell the TRC about:
1.  Your opinions regarding what caused the conflict in Liberia.

2.  What happened to you, your friends, family, and neighbors between 1979 and 2003.  You can tell the TRC what happened to your property, your town, your county, your tribe, and your country during the conflict.  You do not need to have been in Liberia during this time to give a statement.

3.  Your opinions for the future of Liberia.  You can give recommendations to the TRC regarding what you think should happen next for Liberia.  Let your voice be heard!

Give a Statement in Person
Give your statement by interview to a trained TRC volunteer. 
1. Call 1-800-799-3688, OR
2.  Fill out the intake form by clicking here and we'll arrange an interview for you.

Print Forms and Send
If you would like to give a statement without an interview:
print the forms available by clicking here, complete your statement, and send it to Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights.