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Public Engagement
9/7/2007 4:55 PM

As has been the case with other truth commissions around the world, the Truth & Reconciliation Commission of Liberia is now embarking on the public engagement phase of its work. Unlike statement taking, which is private, this phase involves thinking about the ways in which the TRC can foster reconciliation and healing through public conferences, discussions, tributes to victims, and public hearings.

The TRC of Liberia has asked Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights to 1) host public hearings in the United States, 2) conduct background research to inform the TRC's final report, and 3) create a final report for the TRC to include recommendations for reconciliation from the Liberian Diaspora community. Every interested Liberian should have the opportunity to present their views, experiences and ideas to the TRC. Accordingly, the TRC Diaspora Project plans to use a variety of methods of public engagement to attract the input of as many Liberians as possible. Minnesota Advocates is in the beginning stages of this aspect of the Diaspora Project.