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II. Logistics of Taking Statements
 This section was last updated April 2007. 

II.  Logistics of Taking Statements Title Page (PDF, 1 page)

a.  “Storytelling as a Healing Art,” from Healing Invisible Wounds (PDF, 12 pages)

b.  Ch. VIII Interviewing, from the UN Training Manual on Human Rights Monitoring (PDF, 19 pages)

c.  Andrea Northwood, Ph.D, Secondary Traumatization and Stress Management (PDF, 14 pages)

d.  A TRC Volunteer’s Quick Reference (PDF, 13 Pages)

e.  Statement Taking Instructions (PDF, 15 Pages)

f.  Statement Taking Forms (PDF, 6 Pages)

g.  Statement Giver Take Home Packet (PDF, 7 Pages)

h.  TRC Sample Narratives (PDF, 12 Pages)

i.  TRC Database Entry Instructions (PDF, 8 Pages)

j.  Forms & Information for Individuals to Submit a Statement to the TRC (PDF, 14 Pages)